The 100 Companies launches new real estate platform, offering maximum exposure for sellers and agents

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The Business 100 gives agents and sellers a unique opportunity to market their properties to multiple markets.

Atlanta, GA – April 1, 2024 –The 100 Companies, an innovative leader in concise hyperlocal and national content distribution, announces the launch of its innovative real estate platform, designed to provide sellers with unmatched exposure and connect them with potential buyers and qualified agents in 300+ city and state websites and two dozen newsletters.

This platform offers a unique opportunity for property owners to list their homes or rentals for as little as $5 on multiple websites, including city, state and regional market pages. Listings will be prominently featured in the sidebar, ensuring maximum visibility to potential buyers browsing these key locations.

Amplify your reach:

For even greater exposure, sellers can choose to upgrade their listing with a professionally written 100-word article published in one of The 100 Companies’ two dozen market newsletters, sent to millions of readers and enjoying a 30 percent average open rate. This article provides sellers with the chance to showcase their property’s unique features and attract serious buyers.

Agents take advantage:

The 100 Companies’ platform isn’t just for sellers. Real estate agents seeking to expand their client base can consider becoming the sponsored agent for their market or state. This exclusive opportunity grants agents access to:

Leads: All inquiries for properties within their designated region will be forwarded directly to them, allowing them to follow up and potentially secure new clients.

Increased visibility: Sponsored agents gain the benefit of featuring all their properties on city, state and regional websites, along with prominent logo placement on the website and/or newsletter.

The 100 Companies is committed to fostering a thriving real estate marketplace. With its innovative platform, both sellers and agents can benefit from increased exposure, valuable connections and streamlined lead generation.

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Contact: Chris Schroder, Founder & CEO,